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IHDP Annual Report 2013 now published

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We are pleased to release our latest IHDP Annual Report, providing an overview of the programme's mission and objectives, and highlighting key activities of 2013.

Download the annual report here

3 April 2014 | Read more

Summary for Decision-Makers (SDM)

New policy publication on integrated flood and drought responses

We are happy to announce the release of a new issue from our Summary for Decision-Makers (SDM) series: 

Land, water, and people. From Cascading Effects to Integrated Flood and Drought Responses. This summary examines conclusions of the two IHDP projects Global Land Project (GLP) and Global Water System Project (GWSP), related to the issue of floods and droughts. It offers key findings and recommendations to decision-makers as they target some of the crucial environment and development policy challenges that lie ahead for the 21st century. Download the SDM


21 March 2014 | Read more

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Beyond GDP Video

IHDP will prepare a video featuring the perspective of people throughout the world from a variety of economic and geographical backgrounds. This video will be a unique opportunity to share your personal outlook on the global socio-economic conditions of today and the way in which they relate to you. If you are interested in participating, please click here. |Read more