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6th IDGEC Scientific Steering Committee Meeting

Series Title: sixth

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Start date:
June 24, 2004

End date:
June 27, 2004

Santa Barbara, USA  

The overarching theme of the 6th IDGEC Scientific Steering Committee Meeting was “Looking Ahead”, i.e., discussing the future of the IDGEC project. There was overall consensus that the project should embark on a synthesis process that would culminate in a Synthesis Conference in late 2006. The SSC decided to take on two new research foci, water and environment & trade, conduct research on the cross-cutting theme of vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation (VRA), and engage in collaborative research activities with the new IHDP core projects on urbanization and land as well as with the new ESS-P projects on carbon, food, and water. At the same time, IDGEC's current flagship activities (CMRA, PEF, and PEEZ) will be continued and concluded as planned.