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GWSP International Workshop: Governance and the Global Water System

Event Type:

Start date:
June 20, 2006

End date:
June 23, 2006

Bonn, Germany  

The International Workshop 'Governance and the Global Water System' organized by the GWSP in cooperation with the Insitiute for Environmental Systems Research, University of Osnabrück and supported by the IHDP, took place in Bonn, Germany from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2006. Global environmental change impacts on water-related services, uses and functions at different scales and in many different ways, and thus is aggravating water-related conflicts. Water governance regimes are under growing pressure to adapt to these global challenges. The key objectives of the workshop are to identify: • institutions, actors and scales which are of key relevance for enhancing adaptive capacity of governance regimes towards global environmental change, and; • how governance regimes can be enabled to strengthen the adaptive capacity and resilience of the global water system.

Participating Organization:
  • GWSP
  • IHDP
  • Institute for Environmental System Research, University of Osnabrück
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