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IT Open Science Meeting, 1999

Event Type:

Start date:
February 24,1999

End date:
February 26, 1999

Amsterdam, the Netherlands  

The Open Science Meeting was a market of ideas and a crad;e of new partnerships in research. An enthusiastic and dedicated group of over 140 international and multidisciplinary researchers convened to develop new ideas and relationships, forge ahead with core priorities, and strengthen the global Industrial Transformation network. The IHDP's Industrial Transformation (IT) Project designed a new research framework aimed at understanding the societal mechanisms and human driving forces that could facilitate a transformation of the industrial system towards sustainability. An extensive and inter-disciplinary network of researchers developed during 1996-97 by the IHDP research project on Industrial Transformation led to the establishment of a Scientific Planning Committee in October 1997 to prepare the Industrial Transformation Draft Science Plan. Eight regional workshops were held in 1998 to assist in the preparation of the Draft Science Plan and to identify potential global and regional priority research projects.The Open Science Meeting aimed at discussing this science plan and at discussing and developing a number of IT research projects.