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12th IHDP Scientific Committee Meeting

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Start date:
March 22, 2005

End date:
March 23, 2005

Bonn, Germany  

12th IHDP Scientific Committee Meeting took place in Bonn, from march 22 to march 23, 2005. Barbara Göbel outlined some of the major IHDP developments in 2004 including the different stages in the lifespan of the core projects, the mid-term review process and the role of ESSP for IHDP. She elaborated on the important role that the National Committees could play in terms of linking international research agendas with national research agendas in bi-directional ways and engaging in and furthering the science-policy and wider practice interface, and fundraising in their regions. Barbara further added remarks on the progress in the visibility and outreach of IHDP.