IHDP Knowledge Transfer Database

4th International Human Dimensions Workshop (IHDW)

Series Title: fourth

Event Type:
Workshop; Forum

Start date:
October 24, 2005

End date:
November 6, 2005

Nicoya, San Jose, Costa Rica  

The Fourth International Human Dimensions Workshop (IHDW), officially titled the 'IHDP-IAI Global Environmental Change Institute on Globalization and Food Systems, Scientific Workshop and Science-Policy Forum' took place from October 24 to November 6, 2005 in Costa Rica. It was the first time that IHDP organised its biennial capacity building event in close collaboration with a regional agency – IAI -, and within a less developed country. Over the course of the two weeks 25 international participants were introduced to general concepts of global environmental change, globalisation and food systems. The Institute concluded with a Science-Policy Forum in which in addition to the participants of the workshop 75 representatives from the regional science and policy community participated. The Science Policy Forum concentrated on a dialogue about the specific problems of Food Systems in Central America.