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National Committee Georgia

Key Human Dimensions Research Questions - Assessment of country's needs and capacity building in global environmental management, NCSA - Biodiversity - Climate change, vulnerable ecosystems (mountains and glaciers, forests, coast) and adaptation - Transboundary water resources management - Fresh water and Black Sea pollution - Desertification and soil degradation - Monitoring of environmental pollution (water, air and soil) - Management of protected areas as well as territories protected by Ramsar Convention Research Initiatives - Assessment of water resources and projections in Georgia. The topic seems very important based on the resent results of the research carried out under the SNC (Second National Communication). The issue is related with glaciers melting in the Great Caucasus Mountain Range and floods, reflected on the agriculture sector. - Sustainable management of the landfills in the context of GHG emission reduction - Conservation and sustainable use of crop wild relatives in Georgia - Conservation and sustainable utilization of endangered medicinal plants in Georgia - Inventory and phytosociological research of high mountain wetland in Georgia