IHDP Knowledge Transfer Database

National Committee Spain

Acronym: CCE-IHDP

The Spanish Committee of IHDP (CCE-IHDP) is an organization constituted by a number of independent scientists, who coordinate the Spanish participation in IHDP activities and initiatives. The main functions of CCE-IHDP are: - To stimulate the knowledge of the research activities of the Spanish scientific community regarding the human dimensions of global environmental change (GEC) - To inform the scientific community interested in activities and debates developed by IHDP - To promote initiatives and actions regarding the human dimensions of GEC that contribute to increase the internationalization of the scientific research of quality - To identify and canalize scientific subjects that are of significant importance for society, at international and national levels, related with this field Key Human Dimensions Research Questions - Sustainable development, governance and global environmental change - Global environmental change: vulnerability, adaptation and resilience - Changes in the human-environmental system, human security and migrations - Global environmental change: international negotiations, instruments and role of institutions - Changes in the global economic policies and their impacts on local and regional resources - Global environmental change: poverty, inequality and culture - Sustainable management of water and global environmental change - Climatic change: strategies, policies and response measures - Land use, changes in the terrestrial cover and sustainability - Industrial transformation: social and human mechanisms and sustainability - Changes in coastal ecosystems, impacts and sustainability - Urban processes and global environmental change - Changes in food production systems and food security Research Initiatives The CCE-IHDP does not develop investigation activities by itself. Instead, is engaged in a process for developing a researcher network in order to identify and inventory products of the Spanish GEC research community.