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National Committee Taipei

The National Committee for the International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change in Taipei is an academic organization located at Academia Sinica, Taipei. In the past decade, as scholars and policymakers increasingly came to appreciate the role of the humanities and the social sciences in sustainable development, they recognized IHDP as an excellent way to join international research efforts in this important area. The goal of the IHDP National Committee in Taipei is to provide a platform for integrating natural and social scientists on global environmental change research in the region and to encourage their participation in international IHDP research and academic exchange programmes. The Committee organizes an interdisciplinary programme, dedicated to promoting, catalyzing and coordinating research, capacity building and networking on the human dimensions of global environmental change. This programme is part of global change research programmes in Taiwan and works with other national committees and scientific programmes, such as IGBP, DIVERSITAS and the National Commission on Sustainable Development. In order to promote a social science perspective on global change and work on the interface between science and practice, the Committee Members are invited from various research fields from universities and research institutions, and appointed by the President of Academic Sinica. The current (2010-2012) Committee includes 21 members overseeing seven IHDP core science projects.