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National Contact Point Portugal

Efforts have been made to stimulate interactions within the Portuguese community involved in HDGEC. One of the main goals is to increase the intensity of relations with researchers of the other main Global Environmental Change programs framed by the Earth System Science Partnership. Key Human Dimensions Research Questions The major research themes related to Earth-System Science in which the Portuguese Human Dimensions community is involved are specially related with: - The study of three key dimensions to the formulation of the concept of sustainable development: Equity, Security and Environment. Some studies are looking for the interaction within the triangle poverty-health-environment to show how the environmental issues can be associated with social discrimination and iniquity. - The study of social networks and the management of water resources is also an important subject. It relates with the need to integrate the science and the policy spheres into the discussion and definition of tools and strategies to the sustainable management of water. - The analysis of the human pressures on natural resources and the definition of critical areas are also being developed as a means to obtain tools to support participatory decision-making processes and to identify priority areas where environmental protection and conservation strategies should be concentrated. - The socio-economic implications of environmental risks is emerging as an important subject of research as a way to achieve a sound knowledge of population vulnerability and of mitigation measures.