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The Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) is an academic network that seeks to advance research on population and the environment by promoting scientific exchange among researchers from social and natural science disciplines worldwide. It is a joint initiative of IHDP and the International Union for Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) launched in 2001. PERN's main objective is to contribute to sustainable development by improving dialogue and facilitating communication between stakeholders in the area of population-environment interactions. It does this by hosting cyber seminars on important topics and by consolidating the growing and diverse body of research on population-environment interactions in an online electronic library. Through its website, PERN also strengthens the community of population-environment experts, which is spread across many different disciplines, and communicates in diverse circles. The main target audience is academic researchers, but experts at international agencies, NGOs, advocacy organizations, governmental agencies and private firms are also involved in PERN activities.