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Young Human Dimensions Researchers

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The Young Human Dimensions Researchers (YHDR) is a network of junior academics endorsed by IHDP. This open and international network was founded as a consequence of the 2001 Open Meeting in Rio de Janeiro and has since then been a catalyst for capacity building and networking activities in the field of human dimensions research. Main events included pre-conference meetings at the 2003 and 2005 Open Meetings in Montreal and Bonn, national and regional events in Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands and Sub-Saharan Africa and informal gatherings at previous Berlin Conferences. The network communicates via its own list server through which job offers, conference announcements, requests for co-operation and other related issues are exchanged. As a self-organizing bottom-up initiative of young researchers, everybody is welcome to initiate YHDR activities. There is no organization, no hierarchy and no budget. But there is a strong network and the eager willingness of related people and organizations to support the capacity building and networking initiatives any of you might want to take. Secretarial support is offered by IHDP, the list-server is hosted by CIESIN.