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Global Carbon Project

Acronym: GCP

Joint Project

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The Global Carbon Project (GCP) integrates atmospheric, oceanic, terrestrial and human dimension components of the carbon-climate-human system. The project aims to develop a complete picture of the global carbon cycle, including its biophysical and human dimensions as well as interactions and feedbacks. Some of the high profile activities of GCP are the annual release of Global Carbon Budget updates, the Regional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes (RECCAP), vulnerability of carbon pools (e.g. permafrost) and the Urban and Regional Carbon Management (URCM). The project has finished its first ten years and is looking forward towards the next phase. It has published special issues in two journals in 2010 and a number of high profile papers including its global CO2 budget in “Nature Geoscience”. GCP is emphasizing more regional activity (e.g. RECCAP) in addition to its global work and has published a brochure summarizing the outcomes of recent activities. Furthermore, the project has outlined an emerging carbon cycle research agenda in the journal “COSUST” as a base for GCP's evolving research agenda for the next phase.