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Global Change Committee Democratic Republic of the Congo

In 1997, while a postdoctoral research fellow of the Science and Technology Agency (STA) at the National Agriculture Research Center in Tsukuba Science City (Japan), Dr. Nsalambi V. Nkongolo (Felly) initiated contacts with IGBP-IHDP and the scientific community at the University of Kinshasa, to form an IGBP-IHDP committee for the war ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo. In his vision, Dr. Nkongolo's objectives were to help scientists in the Democratic Republic of Congo to get out of their scientific isolation and to stimulate national research and networking in the broad area of environment and global environmental change. Through sustained efforts and personal sacrifices, the IGBP-IHDP committee was formed and installed at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Kinshasa in 1999.