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Global Environmental Change and Food Systems

Acronym: GECAFS

Joint Project

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The project on ESSP Joint Project “Global Environmental Change and Food Systems” (GECAFS) was first launched in 2001 to determine strategies to cope with the impacts of GEC on food systems and to assess the environmental and socioeconomic consequences of adaptive responses aimed at improving food security. In addition to setting a comprehensive, interdisciplinary GEC research agenda on the links between environment and food security, GECAFS established, from the outset, formal research partnerships with three international organizations concerned with GEC, food and agriculture: the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR); the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); and the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The interactions between food security and global environmental change (GEC) are of rapidly increasing interest to wide a range of stakeholders including researchers, donors, policymakers and the public at large. GECAFS hence addressed three major questions: (i) How will climate change affect the food systems that underpin the food security of an ever-growing population? (ii) What combinations of technical and policy adaptation strategies would be most appropriate for different regions of the world? and (iii) What will be the environmental consequences of adapting our food systems to added stresses?