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IHDP Secretariat

Acronym: IHDP Secretariat



The IHDP Secretariat (UNU-IHDP), located at the UN Campus in Bonn, advises, coordinates and supports IHDP's research projects and National Committees. It plays a central role in the development, implementation and evaluation of the programme's goals and collaborates closely with IHDP's partner global change programmes (DIVERSITAS, IGBP and WCRP) and the broader research network. The Secretariat's work aims at opening up channels of communication, collecting information and disseminating results that are essential to the smooth operation of the programme. It lobbies for IHDP, organizes activities and events, and develops research and policy capacity in order to meet the programme's goals. The close ties to its host, the United Nations University Vice Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE), provide the Secretariat with the unique opportunity to advocate for the social science perspective on global change within the UN system.