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Biodiversity underpins the life-support system of our planet. Both natural and managed ecosystems deliver important ecological services such as the production of food and fibre, carbon storage, climate regulation and recreation opportunities. DIVERSITAS (the Latin word for “diversity”) was established to address the complex scientific questions posed by the loss in biodiversity and ecosystem services and to offer science based solutions to this crisis. DIVERSITAS is an international programme of biodiversity science with a dual mission: Promoting, facilitating and conducting integrative biodiversity science, that links biological, ecological and social disciplines; and Providing the sound scientific basis for decisionmaking to secure the planet's variety of life, while contributing to human well-being and poverty eradication. DIVERSITAS achieves its mission by: Fostering an integrated network of the world's leading biodiversity scientists to address critical biodiversity issues; Producing new knowledge by catalysing exchanges between scientists across nations and disciplines; Synthesising new biodiversity knowledge to address the global science priorities; Ensuring an effective engagement of the biodiversity science community globally with policy and decision makers, especially with relevant international conventions; Developing biodiversity science capacity by nurturing younger scientists around the world.