IHDP Knowledge Transfer Database

Knowledge Learning and Societal Change Alliance

Acronym: KLSC

After a presentation of the Knowledge Learning and Societal Change (KLSC) project proposal during the IHDP Scientific Committee meeting in Nanjing in October 2011, it was agreed that the issues covered by KLSC are pertinent to IHDP's research area and that the initiative should therefore become an official part of IHDP. KLSC aims to better understand and explain the interplay between actions, knowledge and learning, so that steps can be taken to help societies move in more sustainable directions. Its mission will be to contribute toward building a sustainable future by identifying, understanding and enabling the effective use of the mechanisms and levers of behavioural and societal change that are linked with knowledge production and learning processes. The IHDP Scientific Committee will provide broad guidance to the KLSC alliance, review its yearly progress, approve its science committee membership and provide guidance for its continued evolvement.