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National Committee Argentina

After having participated in a handful of IHDP-sponsored meetings over the past years, M.Sc. Elda Tancredi was determined to establish a link to IHDP within Argentina. The idea of constructing an Inter-institutional Environmental Scientific Agenda in Argentina that mainly focuses on the human dimensions of environmental change had its origin in the work of the “Inventory Group” that has been working in the Social Department of Luján National University since 2001. This research team (consisting of professors/researchers, teaching and researching assistants and pupils of different disciplines) was responsible for a research project named “National Researching Network on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental change: consolidation and international projection" (Inventory Project-II Fase). It is the second phase of “Human Dimensions of Global Environmental change, Inventory of Institutions, scientific projects and researchers as a base for the definition of a National Program”. This inventory is closely related to the activities developed by IHDP, which sustained it through it's IHDP Seed Grant Initiative “Capacity Building for National Human Dimensions Committees and Programmes in Developing Countries and Transition Economies” and led to the IHDP-Argentine node formation.