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GECaFS Interdisciplinary Planning Meeting




Informal discussions during late 1999 and early 2000 indicated the need for the development of a new, interdisciplinary Global Change research project dealing with food supply. Further discussions agreed the project should not be restricted to the biophysical aspects of food supply, but that it should also encompass socioeconomic issues relating to availability and access. These discussion culminated in a Scoping Meeting, hosted by ICSU, Paris on 2 March 2000 involving the Executive Directors of IGBP, IHDP and WCRP. This meeting agreed to develop a “Joint Project” Global Change and Food and Fibre under the co-sponsorship of IGBP, IHDP and WCRP, and the IGBP-SC, the IHDP-SC and the WCRP-JSC all formally endorsed the proposal. Subsequent discussions agreed the new title “Global Environmental Change and Food Systems”.

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